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School Weather Update


School is currently not adversely affected by weather conditions. 

For hot sunny days we recommend that children have some form of high protection sun protection applied to them prior to arriving at school; and that they have a water bottle that they can refill during the day to ensure they don't get dehydrated,  You may also like them to have a hat and a loose garment for covering up as added protection.  Please ensure all their items are named so that we can return them if they are misplaced.

At other times we recommend making sure that your child has some form of shower-proof coat and layers which can be put on or taken off depending on the temperature.  

At all times we recommend that your child wears shoes or trainers.  Sandals are acceptable, so long as they provide protection to your child's feet in the normal working environment around school.  We do not allow flipflops or similar in school.

Bad Winter Weather

During normal winter conditions we will attempt to keep school open and functioning as normal as possible.  However, there are times when adverse weather conditions prevail and under these circumstances the school will provide update information to parents through a number of ways:

- Text messages which arrive on your registered mobile phone number after 7am or throughout the school day

- RSS Feed / Twitter Feed announcement through the Sheffield City Council School Closures web page (See below)

- Information on this web page

- Push notifcations via our school MyEd app

- Updates on BBC Radio Sheffield's breakfast programme given out periodically

Please make sure that the mobile phone numbers you provide to school are up to date.  If you change your phone, remember to advise the new number to the school office, either in person, over the phone, or by emailing the school.

Sheffield City Council maintain a School Closures information webpage.  On the right hand side of that page is the twitter feed and an RSS subscription link option.  If you subscribe to announcements for the school on there you will be sent emails with the information shared by the City Council and the school.  You can edit your subscription in the future ready for when your child moves on to secondary school.

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