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Parking around school

Car Parking and Child Safety Around School:


Thank you to all parents and carers who contact the school to advise of dangerous parking, contravention of parking bylaws, and unsafe road use by drivers around the school.

We are in touch regularly with both South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council’s Parking Services regarding incidents that occur around our school, and we will continue to report these issues so that the authorities are made aware of our parents concerns.

You can also help in this matter by reporting issues and problems directly to the authorities, but please follow the important information below:

1) Our school transport buses that deliver and collect hearing impaired children are allowed to load and unload children by parking on the parallel double yellow line sections of the markings on Tullibardine Road.  They are allowed to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes on these markings during these times.

2) Vehicles are allowed to park on the school yellow zigzag lines when the Traffic Regulation Order is not in force; ie outside the times of 08:30 to 09:00 and 15:00 to 15:45 Monday to Friday. 

3) The Traffic Regulation Orders relating to the yellow zigzags operate every Monday to Friday regardless of whether the school pupils are in school or on holiday, and also operate on Bank / Public Holidays too.  Please do not get caught out by this if you are visiting the Doctor’s surgery during half term.  Residents have been ticketed in the past and lost their appeals against the fines when they have tried to challenge.  The last one we are aware of was a ticket issued on a Bank holiday Monday!

4) During the restricted times, the yellow zigzags must be kept free of all cars (except where there is a short pause to allow traffic flow coming the other way).  It is an offence to wait on them, park and/or load or unload passengers from the vehicle, including stopping your vehicle in the middle of the road alongside the markings to drop or pick up passengers.

5) The white broken zigzags either side of the zebra crossing on Greystones Road are areas of road where you must not park your car at any time, load/unload passengers or overtake.

6) The single yellow lines around the corners at certain of the junctions with Greystones Road in close proximity to the school operate according to the times displayed on the signs.  There is no stopping, waiting, loading or parking on these markings during the restriction times shown.

If you witness a problem with parking or road safety around the school then you can report the incident directly to the necessary authority as follows:

Enforcement of traffic regulation orders or vehicles not adhering to the restrictions as indicated by white or yellow painted road markings are the responsibility of Sheffield City Council Parking Services, and they can be emailed (including photographic evidence) to the following public contact email address: or

Enforcement of any other road safety matter where the vehicle is not contravening a Traffic Regulation Order on road markings that the Sheffield City Council are responsible for are matters to be dealt with by the police.  The school is located in the area covered by South Yorkshire Police’s South West Neighbourhood Team.  You can contact them about advice via their email address but if you are specifically reporting an incident you are advised to:

Telephone and report the incident on 101 if there is no immediate danger to life (999 if there is)


Use the online reporting service at

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