Music is a key part of life at Greystones.

Every class experiences music each week, taught by our music specialist, Mr Hinds.

In addition, well over 130 children experience the joy of instrumental music lessons as individuals or in pairs which are delivered by visiting specialist teachers There is a charge for these lessons and currently cello, violin, guitar, ukelele, piano, clarinet and brass are on offer. 

Every Year 3 class has the opportunity to learn the basics of playing an instrument, currently they learn to play the violin.

We also have a string orchestra, general orchestra and a number of choirs.

Every year we have a Spring Concert to showcase and celebrate our enjoyment and expertise in music whilst the choir and our signing choir sing at numerous events.

In addition to all of this the fantastic Porter Valley Concert Band provide an annual concert for parents and children which is hosted by the wonderful Polly Ives.

MUSIC FOR YOUTH - Listen to three fantastic songs from our Junior Rock Choir that will make you smile! Back in March, Music For Youth had to cancel its regional music festival in Sheffield following government advice and we instead were encouraged to record and submit online entries. It will be of no surprise to you that subsequently the national festival has also been cancelled but despite that we wanted a chance to 'air' the songs we have recorded for you on the school website. We're really proud of the choir and all their efforts to bring these songs to life. Hope you enjoy listening to them. Best wishes, Ms Stevenson and Mr Hinds

1. Click here to listen to: My Granny was a buffer girl

2. Click here to listen to: Souallé

3. Click here to listen to: Something inside so strong

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