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Welcome to the Governing Body section of the website. The aim is to provide information on the role of the Governing Body and to help you to become more familiar with all the governors and the statutory duties by which we are legally bound.  The profiles have been written by the governors themselves and should help everyone get to know the governors a little more.

All Governors are contactable via the School Office, or by email to except where indicated below.  You can contact the Chair of Governors directly on  We also encourage parents to tell us how they perceive the school through Parent View. We are always keen to hear your views and if you wish to discuss anything with the Governors then please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that this section will help you to understand better what we do, who we are and why we are serving as Governors.

The Governing Body's register of business and personal pecuniary interests can be viewed HERE.

Lois Bailey

Parent Governor

Date appointed: 23/10/19 by parental election

Term of office:22/10/19

Toyin Aderiye

Co-opted Governor

Date appointed: 01.10.19 by Governing Body Election

Term of office: 30.09.21

Samantha Ball

Local Authority Governor

Training Coordinator

Safeguarding Governor

Date appointed: 09/10/17 by LA nomination and governing body election

Term of office:08/10/21

I am a dentist in a nearby NHS practice. I treat many of Greystones' children and their families and enjoy being part of the local community.

Samantha is the Chair of Governors

Samantha is the Chair of Personnel Sub-Committee and designated Safeguarding Governor

Miriam Blackwood

Co-opted Governor

Music and The Arts Governor

Date appointed: 17/06/19 by governing body election
Term of office:18/06/21

I was a Parent Governor from 2009 and was Chair of Governors from April 2012 to October 2015. I have had two children at Greystones and am delighted to be able to make a contribution to such a great school. My professional background is in the Higher Education sector and I currently work in field of outreach & widening participation.

Miriam is the Vice Chair of Governors

Chris Jennings


Ben Udejiofo

Co-opted Governor

Health and Safety Governor

Date appointed: 19.06.17

Term of office: 18.06.21

Carla Irving

Parent Governor

Foundation Stage Governor

Date appointed: 22/04/2018

Term of office: 21/04/2022

Arline Kersey

Co-opted Governor

Headteacher Appraisal Governor

Date appointed: 23/02/19 by governing body election

Term of office:  22/02/21

I have been a Governor at Greystones primary school since 2003, and have previously served as a Governor at two Sheffield Special schools, another Primary school, and a local Secondary school. I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies, which is affiliated to the National Governors Association. I am a retired Primary school Headteacher, and have lived in the local area for over 30 years.

Phil Crowley

Parent Governor

Date appointed: 23/04/18 by parental election
Term of office: 22/04/22

I am a business analyst / project manager working for the Department for Work & Pensions. I moved to Sheffield in 1992 as an accountant in the stainless steel industry. I have 2 children currently at Greystones in Y3 and one who left last year. Having lived in close proximity to the school for nearly 20 years I have a desire to ensure the needs of the pupils, staff and community are met to the best ability. I have enjoyed being a governor since 2010 and feel proud of the contributions and influences the governing body has made to Greystones journey during this time.

Phil is the Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee

Paul Gibbon

Parent Governor

English Governor

GDPR Governor

Online Safety Governor

Date appointed: 12/10/17 by parental election

Term of office:11/10/21

I am Dad to twins who, at the time of writing this, are currently in Y1 at GPS and I have an older son who used to attend GPS. I am new to the role of Governor, having very recently been elected to the post, but I am looking forward to using the skills I have developed in my professional life to make a contribution to the success of the school (I expect I’ll also pick up some new skills and knowledge along the way). Day job-wise, I am a solicitor, working in private practice for a Sheffield based law firm and specialise in commercial property.

Sarah Goldie

Staff Governor

Date appointed: 12/11/18 by staff election
Term of office: 11/11/22

I am in my fourth year of teaching at Greystones Primary School and currently teach in Year 3 having previusly taught in Year 4. I feel lucky to be part of the Greystones community and I am enjoying becoming more involved through the governing body.

Tanveer Naqvi

Parent Governor

Inclusion/SEND Governor

Headteacher Appraisal Governor

Date appointed: 01/02/18 by parental election

Term of office:30/01/22

I have a child who is currently in Year 6 at Greystones Primary. I grew up in Sheffield and have lived in S11 on and off since my early teens so I have a natural affinity for the local area and a desire to see the community thrive. Over the last twenty years I have worked in schools in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and London, initially as a secondary school science teacher and more recently as a teaching assistant and cover supervisor in primary and secondary schools respectively. I now work as a Specialist Learning Mentor for Higher Education students with additional learning needs. I have a personal and professional interest in matters related to SEND, with particular insights into Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Tanveer is Chair of the Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee

Gary Rossiter

Parent Governor

Mathematics Governor

Vulnerable Groups Governor

Date appointed: 12/10/17 by parental election

Term of office:11/10/21

I have previously been a deputy headteacher of a large primary school in Sheffield and currently work in industry.  I love having an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for learning with Greystones Primary School.  The superb teaching and learning, coupled with the high-quality leadership and management is a true inspiration to me and I relish the chance to support Greystones in my role as a parent governor.

Pat Sheldon

Co-opted Governors

Date appointed: 11/10/2019 by governing body election

Term of office:10/10/2021

My association with Greystones has been a long and happy one. I have been a pupil, parent and for over fifteen years an employee. My role is as a level 2 Teaching Assistant supporting some of our children with special educational needs to reach their full potential. I hope to make a useful contribution in all areas for all staff, pupils and parents alike. ​I am in school every day so feel free to say hello and raise anything you'd like me to pass on to the governing body.

Stephen Glossop

Associate Governor

Deputy Headteacher

Cath Harling

Associate Governor

Assistant Headteacher

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