The School Leadership Team:

  • Headteacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Chris Jennings

  • Deputy Head / Inclusion Lead/Designated Safeguarding Lead - Stephen Glossop

  • Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Lead/ECT Mentor - Cath Harling

  • School Business Manager - Nigel Brooke-Smith​

The Extended Leadership Team:

  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Sally Haslingden

  • Foundation Stage Leader - Charlotte Statham

  • Phase 1 (Year 1 and 2) Leader - Lydia Emerson

  • Phase 2 (Year 3 and 4) Leader - David Timbers

  • Phase 3 (Year 5 and 6) Leader - Emma Dastoor/Debs Roberts

Foundation Team:

Charlotte Statham (Foundation Lead /Sunflowers class teacher currently on maternity leave)

Emma Hartley (Sunflowers Class teacher /writing/SPAG co-ordinator)

Jade Beachell (Sunflowers class teacher (mat leave cover)/Ailsa Cutforth (class teacher 1 day)

Bryony Buller (Temp Foundation Lead/Rainbows class teacher /art co-ordinator)

Georgina Eade (Stars class teacher /EAL co-ordinator)

Lin Watkinson (Rainbows L2 Teaching assistant)

Rachel Rogowski (Stars L2 teaching assistant)/Gill Roebuck (Stars L2 Teaching Assistant)

Danielle Watson (Sunflowers L3 Teaching assistant)


Year 1 Team

Lydia Emerson (Phase 1 Lead (Y1/2)/ Foxes class teacher/reading and phonics co-ordinator/ currently on maternity leave)

Sarah Swain (Foxes class teacher/science co-ordinator/ mat leave cover)

Sally Haslingden (Hedgehogs class teacher 2 days/SENDCO 3 days/temp Phase 1 Lead)

Madelaine Hoskin (Hedgehogs class teacher 3 days/reading and phonics co-ordinator)

Rebecca Smith (Owls class teacher/maths co-ordinator)

Kathy Cookson (L3 teaching assistant)

Andy Scott (L2 teaching assistant)

Isobel Salmon (L2 teaching assistant)

Year 2 Team:

Alice Satur (Dragonflies class teacher/MFL co-ordinator)

Holly Murton (Caterpillars class teacher/ writing/SPAG co-ordinator)

Bethan Davies (Bumblebees class teacher/PE co-ordinator)

Michaela Barnes (L3 teaching assistant)

Anna Mercier (L2 teaching assistant)

Year 3 Team:

Sarah Goldie (class teacher/science co-ordinator)

Laura Whittles (class teacher 2 days/DT co-ordinator)

Logan Almond (class teacher 3 days/Early Career Teacher)

Harriet Jenns (class teacher 3 days/ reading and phonics co-ordinator)

Laura Hart (class teacher 3 days/reading and phonics co-ordinator- currently on mat leave until Jan 2022)

Ellie Keown (class teacher 2 days a week covering mat leave)

Sarah Quance (L2 teaching assistant)

Linda Boruta (L3 Teaching assistant)

Year 4 Team

Dave Timbers (Phase 2 leader (Y3/4)/Y4 class teacher 4 days/PE co-ordinator)

Hannah Platt (Y4 class teacher 1 day/PPA cover Y4 and 5/music co-ordinator)

Sue Hornbuckle (class teacher/geography co-ordinator)

Sally Marsden (class teacher/Early Career Teacher)

Hannah Buttle (L3 teaching assistant)

Julie Shepherd (L2 teaching assistant)

Year 5 Team

Beth Stevenson (class teacher/RE co-ordinator)

Gary Rossiter (class teacher/Computing co-ordinator)

Sue Broadhead (class teacher/RSHE co-ordinator)

Josie Francis (L3 teaching assistant)

Sandra Pace (L2 teaching assistant)

Year 6 Team

Debs Roberts/Emma Dastoor (Phase 3 leaders (Y5/6) class teachers/writing/SPAG co-ordinators)

Jon Stubbs (class teacher/maths co-ordinator)

Alex Robson (class teacher/History co-ordinator)

Roop Mullins (L3 teaching assistant)

Laura Harris (L2 teaching assistant)



The school employs specialist teachers and curriculum staff to release our teachers from their classes for their Planning Preparation and Assessment time.  The areas of the curriculum covered include P.E., Drama, Music, ICT, PSHE.

Vicki Beckett (HLTA/PE and dance PPA cover in KS1)

Suzanne Barker (HLTA PPA Y3/4)

Inclusion Team

Alison Murray – Senior Learning Mentor/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ali Ashraf – Learning Mentor

Hannah Blake (L2 teaching assistant)

Mandy Riley (L2 teaching assistant)

Pat Sheldon (L2 teaching assistant)

Allison Brown (L3 teaching assistant)

Angela Maltby (HLTA)


Linda Ellis – Finance Officer

Shabana Saddiq - Admin Officer

Bettina Janjua - Admin Officer

Joanne Gadsden - General Admin Assistant



Mark Cohen – Senior Caretaker

Paul Dewick – Caretaker

Lunchtime Supervisors

Donna Biggin – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Salwa Abushkeka

Haydeh Aminian

Zahir Anwar

Donya Elghamati

Joe Frost

Umber Habib

Yin Yin Low

Sehrish Majeed

Ivy Mandal

Ursula Moore

Tanzila Osman (supply only)

Misbah Parveen

Samina Siddique

Claire Skidmore

Janet Smith

Rashida Ulhaq

Adeeba Yasmin

Greystones After School Club

Hannah Whelan – Extended Schools Co-ordinator and GASC Lead

Joe Frost

Lisa Kentzer

Ursula Moore

Janet Smith

Yin Yin Low (Supply)

The Governing Body is enthusiastic, committed and well informed. They take an active role within the school. The structure is steered by the Strategic Development Committee, which oversees the work of the following sub-committees:

  • ​Teaching & Learning
  • Finance & Premises
  • Personnel

You can find out more about the work of the Governing Body on the Governing Body pages.


Integrated Resource Unit

Our hearing impaired children receive specialist help from teachers of the deaf and sensory support assistants, mainly in class.  They actively liaise with all staff at Greystones Primary School to ensure total inclusion.  Many of the schools classrooms are equipped with hearing systems which are used to amplify and broadcast the teacher's voice or sound from the interactive whiteboard.  Click here or on the title above to visit their dedicated web pages of information.

School Council

The School Council is an elected body of pupils, which has considerable responsibilities. They are supported in their work by members of the school leadership team.