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We have introduced a new communication and online payment service for school called Schoolgateway. 

This fully replaced Pay360 and the MyEd App from the end of July 2023. 

This online / app based tool allows you to communicate with school; pay for trips and dinners etc; amend necessary information held for us to communicate with you and manage your After School Club bookings.

  • The app for smart phones/tablets can be downloaded from your service provider's App Store.

  • You will need to register with information that the school will already hold for you.  If the registration fails, we may require you to contact the school to check and correct any information that we may hold

You can read the service provider's information here

We recommend that wherever possible you use the app version to access your child's account because this provides you with in-app  messages direct to your app on your phone/tablet instead of costing the school expensive text message charges.

You can also access the payments and bookings options via an internet browser window from the internet log-in window here, but there is no access to app messages using the internet browser window.

If you have difficulties in getting your registration to work please contact the school office via the usual methods shown below.

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