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The teaching of physical education at Greystones Primary School

We use the Get Set 4 P.E. published scheme, as recommended by the Points Sport Network, to ensure that our delivery of P.E. is clearly sequenced and developmental so that children know more and can do more in P.E. as they move through school.

In addition to reading the information that is detailed below, you may like to follow these links for more details about what is taught and expectations at Greystones (just click on the words):

Physical education - Overview, implementation and impact 2023-2024

Physical education - Overview, implementation and impact 2024-2025

GetSet4PE Skills and Knowledge Progression Ladders

Vocabulary pyramids

Please note: 

Forgotten PE Kit Policy


If your child forgets their kit, the first and second time they will be allowed to take part in PE wearing a kit provided by the school. The school has limited spare PE kit available. This kit is available on a first come, first served basis. If your child forgets their kit for a third time, contact will be made to remind parents of the PE kit policy.  

Greystones Primary School - P.E. Curriculum Statement


At Greystones Primary School we offer a PE curriculum which enables children to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities based on the National Curriculum. This results in pupils knowing more, remembering more and understanding how the knowledge and skills can be applied in their own physical activity and healthy lifestyle. In addition, we aim to build a curriculum that encourages and provides opportunities for all children to lead healthy, active lives and understand the importance and the benefits both mentally and physically. 


PE is delivered twice a week including  both an indoor and outdoor session. In addition to this, we aim to promote active learning in the classroom as well as active playtimes and lunch times. A broad balance of extra-curricular clubs and activities are offered as well as external providers offering curriculum support and interventions. 


Our PE curriculum covers the skills defined in the National Curriculum through themes which will challenge, motivate and inspire children. Progression is planned around knowledge, skills and vocabulary so that pupils leaving in year 6 will be equipped with the tools needed to be successful in secondary school.



  • Clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum. 

In P.E, children will study five areas of sport. These include: Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Games and swimming. Within P.E lessons, children will adopt many different roles such as a performer, coach, umpire and leader and explore many different outdoor activities.

  • Cross Curricular links

The PE scheme makes links with other subjects including Science, PSHE, Maths, History and Global Learning 

  • Well equipped resources

Resources regularly monitored and updated in line with health and safety guidance

  • Active Healthy Lifestyles 

The teaching and learning of healthy life styles is planned explicitly within each year group

  • Challenge

Activities are differentiated and pictched at the appropriate level, providing challenge for all  

  • Personal challenge 

Children will be encouraged to set their own targets and work towards achieving them

  • Greystones Mile a day 

The mile a day  is actively promoted throughout school

  • Peer assessment 

Regular opportunities for observation and feedback 

  • Access to experts

Over the period of the year / key Stage children will have opportunities to work with PE experts

  • Exra-curricular Clubs

Children will have access to a wide variety of sporting activities  

  • Inter Events

Children will have access to competing against pupils from other school

  • Intra Events

Pupils will have access to competing against pupils in school

  • Displays

Display in school will celebrate involvement in PE

  • Assemblies  

To promote PE school sport, celebrate success and visiting speakers to motivate and inspire 

  • Free Fruit / Water only snack policy

School provides free fruit for all children daily



  • Pupils will make progress through each year group, acquiring and applying key knowledge

  • Most pupils to at least meet the agreed age expectations

  • Children will have a knowledge and understanding of a range of sporting activities and how to play them successfully

  • Children will develop a range of skills such as fair play, resilience and team work

  • Children will enjoy sport and will seek additional extra-curricular activities both within school and external to school  Participation levels in PE will be 100%

  • Children will show a good understanding of healthy eating and lifestyle choices

  • Children understand the benefit of physical activitiy on their mental wellbeing   Children will access the free fruit or bring their own fruit

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