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Breakfast Club

Breakfast care from 08:00 until the start of school is a service provided by the Greystones Pre-School, a third party organisation, and takes place in their pre-school setting in the basement of the Tullibardine Building on Tullibardine Road.

For more information about Breakfast Club please contact them directly on 0114 2671111, use their contact form here or visit their breakfast club website pages here

Greystones After School Club

After school care is provided in house by our own staff.  This is held in the Dining Room, located in the basement of the Greystones Building.  Collection of children is from the controlled gateway on Tullibardine Road, opposite the Doctor's Surgery..

Young children are collected from around school at the close of the day, including being met from later-returning school trips and other sporting activities taking place.  Older children usually make their own way to the club as part of their normal end of day routine.


Places can be provided on a one-off or regular basis.  You can book your child(ren)'s places by logging into the Parent Portal via the button at the top of the screen and selecting the link to the After School Club page on the Parent Portal homepage.


We will invoice you for your bookings at the end of each half term period.  Where parents have already made a payment towards their bookings in advance, a statement will be issued to the parent to show how much balance is carried forward / required to pay on the account.  Payment can still be made by tax efficient methods via your employer or the HM Government childcare scheme.  If doing so, please search for Greystones Primary School as the care provider on these systems.

How much we charge for a session is shown on the booking system, and depends on whether the place is booked in advance or on the day. 

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