Covid-19 School Information







Issued Friday 24th September 2021:

School is in receipt of guidance from Public Health regarding Covid and the way in which it may affect school.  Any direct instructions that we pass on to parents by email or text message should be followed.

If you are requested to report the PCR Test results for your child to the school, this should be done by email to our address, giving us clear indication of the following:

1) If your child's PCR test result is negative, please let us know as soon as this is received, along with the date the PCR test was taken.

2) If your child's PCR test result is positive, please let us know immediately including the following information:

    - The date the PCR test was taken
    - The PCR test result

    - Whether your child has symptoms or not
    - If symptomatic, the date symptoms started

    - The isolation dates, from and to, issued to you by the NHS result information text or email

You may choose to forward a screen-shot of a text message or the email notification to us; which we will happily accept so long as the other information is appended in the message.


Please note that in line with Government guidance we are not able to authorise an absence for the sibling of a positive child if you exercise parental discretion to keep them at home. Such absence wil be marked in the register as unauthorised.

Once a person within a household tests positive, the NHS guidance requires the rest of the household to get a PCR test. Children who present no symptoms during the period awaiting a test result are able to carry on attending school until the test result comes through, at which point the reporting process shown above should be followed.

Thank you for your support in these circumstances.  It is very much appreciated.

Chris Jennings, Headteacher

The documents available via the above buttons will remain live for information purposes until such times as they are no longer applicable.

(previous bulletins published here are no longer applicable and have been removed)