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Emergency Arrangements

When the snow hits Sheffield and the local Greystones area, the school communicates any emergency arrangements that parents and carers need to know by a number of means. 

We encourage parents to use our online communication app to receive push notifications directly to their smart phone. Outside of this school will communicate with parents via email and in the most severe cases by text message to all priority contacts.

If the school is closed for issues relating to weather, eg snow, the closure will be published on the Sheffield City Council webpage here: in addition to the above. 

Remote Education via Online Learning at times of Enforced School Closure and Covid-19 

Guidance on how to access our Online Learning is here.

In order to access the materials and guidance for online learning you will need to use your parent/child login information provided to you by school and sign in to the Parent Portal via the button at the top of the our webpages.

(previous bulletins published here are no longer applicable and have been removed)

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