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School Uniform at Greystones

We have a school uniform at Greystones, it is very simple and we expect every child to wear it.

Please label absolutely everything with your child's first and last name - including coats!

School Uniform

  • A navy blue sweatshirt, hoodie, jumper, cardigan or sweat-cardi.

  • A white or pale blue polo shirt.

  • Children may also like to wear a navy pinafore or gingham dress in the summer.

  • Children may wear jeans or other sensible/robust dark trousers - not bright colours.

  • Children may wear a grey/navy skirt.

  • All  of the above plus, coats, hats, back-packs, kit bags and book bags with the school logo can be bought from
    Logo Leisure Wear. See link button at the bottom of the page.

  • However, you do not need to buy uniform with the logo on, you are more than welcome to buy the appropriately coloured clothing from any supplier - the logo is not compulsory.  In addition, our Home School Association run a second hand uniform shop at least once a term where could condition, used uniform is re-sold. This is very popular!


P.E. Kit

  • Children should have a P.E. kit in school.

  • This should consist of a white T-shirt and navy shorts.

  • Children should also have pumps/plimsolls/trainers in school to change in to for physical activity.

  • During winter, as outdoor games continues, you may wish your child a tracksuit or a sweatshirt and joggers/leggings in school.

Jewellery, Make-Up and False / Enhanced Manicure

  • Except for simple studs or close fitting hoops, children should not wear earrings or other piercing jewellery whilst in school, or attending school activities, trips or residentials.

  • Children should not wear jewellery chains and pendants (eg around their neck, wrist or ankle) which do not have a safety catch / break.

  • Children should not wear make-up or facial enhancements (eg false eyelashes) in school unless this is part of an authorised school-organised fund-raising activity / non-uniform themed day where such would be used to enhance the character being protrayed. 

  • Children are permitted to have nail-polished fingernails, but these should not include false enhancements such as acrylic extensions as this conflicts with the Health and Safety requirements for educational activities, sports and recreation within school time.

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