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FAQs and Guidance

SIMS Pay signing in trouble?
If you're having trouble signing in to SIMS Pay, please contact the school office on 0114 2663413 or email us on and we will do our best to resolve the problems.

Trouble Receiving Emails from School?

Our bulk emails are sent out using a system called PS Connect.  This makes the handling of data and your information very secure and compliant with GDPR.  This also means that the service is subjected to industry filtering and security scrutiny at a high level.

Occasionally email service providers (ESP) see bulk emailing as a threat; like SPAM; and filter it thoroughly based on content, words within the body of the message, attachments, and so on.  This is designed to protect you, but occasionally that protection causes their automated systems to reject our innocent emails.

We are advised to suggest the following:

1) Check that you have our originating bulk email service as a contact in your online address book.  PS Connect advise us that you should set up a contact in your address book with the following email address: * 
The * symbol before the @ in the email address acts as a wildcard, as our emails will send unique address references in the first bit of the full email address depending on who it is to, which message it is, etc.  You need to do this by logging directly into your ESP's online system and managing the address book on there, rather than on your phone, tablet, or app, though we would recommend that you should also have this on your app on your phone or tablet as well.

2) You may need to contact your ESP's help / customer services with the query about why you're not receiving the emails - most ESP's have the ability to white-list so that they do not get treated as junk email or SPAM.  If they ask for detail to add to their filter, then you need to quote the email address starting *@ in point (1) above.

3) You may have chosen to, or inadvertantly hit the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of an email in the past.  We can rectify that issue by removing you off our blocked list, but because of GDPR compliance we will need a written instruction from you to reverse your decision if this is what has happened. 

Please get in touch with us to our "enquiries" email address at the bottom of the page if you suspect you have unsubscribed and we can investigate it for you.

See also this document circulated previously about this and other issues relating to communication


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