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At Greystones we want children to develop into true 'lifelong learners.' 


To do this we focus on four 'Rs' with children. These are taken from Guy Claxton's 'Building Learning Power.'


We encourage children to be:

Resilient - absorbed in their learning, able to manage distractions, notice what is around them and demonstrate perseverance.

Resourceful - questioning, making links, imagining, reasoning, capitalising.

Reflective - planning, revising, distilling and developing meta-cognition.

Reciprocal - interdependent, collaborative, developing empathy and the ability to truly listen, imitation - taking on baord the ebst of what is around them.


We support this work with our simple school rules:

Everywhere rules:

Be safe

Be kind

Be respectful

Keep trying

Learning rules:

Be ready

Be focused

Be ambitious

Keep trying




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