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Committee Membership

Strategic Direction Committee
This committee meets at the start of each term to agree the agendas for the committee meetings, take responsibility for the strategic direction of the school and discuss development issues with the Headteacher. The committee is made up of the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors and Chairs of each of the sub-committees.​

  • Tanveer Naqvi (Chair of Governors

  • Lois Bailey

  • Heather Scott

  • Mark Wilde

Teaching & Learning Committee
This committee meets once a term to review pupils' attainment, achievement and progress.  It also looks at how the school manages the continuous professional development of teaching staff.

  • Heather Scott (Chair)

  • Toyin Aderiye

  • Lois Bailey

  • Chris Jennings

  • Tanveer Naqvi

  • Gary Rossiter

  • Leo Vefghi

Finance & General Purposes Committee 

This committee meets once a term to review and strategically plan the allocation of the school's finances. It also considers strategic issues related to school premises and other areas of school business. 

  • Lois Bailey (Chair)

  • Alex Christoyannopoulos

  • Randa Jelbert

  • Chris Jennings 

  • Ben Udejiofo

  • Leo Vefghi

Personnel Committee

This committee meets once a term to review and strategically plan the structure, deployment and development of all staff ithin school.

  • Mark Wilde (Chair) 

  • Jo Inglis 

  • Chris Jennings

  • Tanveer Naqvi

  • Richard Webb

Attendance: Tanveer Naqvi

English: Jo Inglis 

EYFS Governor: Jo Inglis

GDPR: Jo Inglis

Headteacher Performance Management: Ben Udejiofo, Mark Wilde, Lois Bailey 

Health & Safety Governor: Ben Udejiofo

Humanities: Alex Christoyannopoulos

Inclusion/SEND Governor: Tanveer Naqvi

Maths: Leo Vefghi/Richard Webb

Music and the Arts: Lois Bailey

New Governor Buddy: Tanveer Naqvi

Online safety: Mark Wilde

P.E. and Sport; Mark Wilde

Safeguarding Governor: Mark Wilde - details of this role can be viewed HERE

Science: Tanveer Naqvi

Staff Well-being: 

STEM: Heather Scott

Training Governor: Mark Wilde 

Vulnerable Groups (including LAC): Tanveer Naqvi

Well-being and mental Health: Toyin Aderiye

Whistleblowing: Tanveer Naqvi

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