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Teaching Relationships, Sex and Health Education at Greystones

At Greystones we use the Jigsaw RSHE Scheme. It is a comprehensive and inclusive scheme. We consulted extensively with our parents and school community regarding the scheme, before it was implemented.

Parents retain the right to withdraw their child from any of the lessons that include aspects of sex education, which does not start until the children are in Year 4.


Before any parent does this we strongly recommend that you come in to school to view the materials and discuss the approach that we will use. All parents are invited in before the theme of 'Changing Me' is covered during the Summer Term.

To find out more, click on the links below:

RSHE Policy

Parent Guide

Jigsaw LGBTQ Information for Parents

Being Me in My World - overview for parents

Celebrating Difference - overview for parents

Dreams and Goals - overview for parents

Healthy Me - overview for parents

Relationships - overview for parents

Changing Me - overview for parents

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