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Raise The Roof

More and more pupils, teachers, parents, carers and supporters of Greystones Primary School are getting active to raise money for the school and, in particular, badly needed repairs to the roof of the Greystones and Tullibardine buildings.

To find out more about Raise the Roof and to get involved, either by getting active or by adding your ideas and support, please contact or visit the Facebook group page.

Why has the school asked the HSA to help raise money to repair and replace parts of the roof on the Greystones (the junior) and Tullibardine (the infant) Buildings?

Basically there is not enough money in the school budget to address the condition of either roof. The roof on the Greystones Building is especially in need of repair and frequently springs leaks which cause damage to the building and sometimes the fixtures and fittings.

No child should be in a school where they are at risk of being dripped on in assembly or in the class room. The roof is in desperate need of repair and replacement. This has come about because it is basically just old. Over the years leaks etc. have been repaired but wear and tear takes its toll along with a history of minimal maintenance. At present the roof on both buildings has just about been patched up but the repairs are temporary.

​A conservative estimate is that replacement of the Greystones roof alone would cost well over £100,000. The local authority, Sheffield City Council, is not responsible for the repair and replacement of the roof and it hasn't been for many years. It doesn't have the funds nor access to capital funds to repair or replace the roof at Greystones.

​That means that the school has to do it from its existing budget which is impossible. Greystones, for a range of reasons, is a school that receives a low level of funding and sadly, the school budget isn't big enough for us to repair or replace the roof whilst maintaining the staffing levels and resourcing that we feel the children need and deserve.​ With the budget at its limit we have to be creative in finding other ways of funding major repairs and maintenance.

This isn't a complaint, it is the way things are. The Direct Schools Grant to Sheffield from central government is relatively low to start with and the local authority then allocates funds to schools according to nationally driven criteria. This isn't about making a protest, this is about being proactive and trying to improve the situation.

The ​school would rather try to do something than accept the situation and so would the HSA. ​

That is why we are asking you to get involved with our fund raising activities and why we are introducing a programme of regular giving. If you would like to know more about this please visit our Donations page.

If you do want to know more about how schools are funded and Greystones in particular please contact Mr Jennings.

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