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Integrated Resource - Support Given

The children spend most of the school day with their own class.  Any extra help that is needed is provided by staff from the IR.

The amount of time a hearing impaired child spends in the mainstream class and the level of support the child receives depends on the individual needs of the child.

Support can be given in a number of ways:

  • ​​Support in the mainstream class

  • Individual support withdrawn to the HI Resource

  • Small group work with other hearing impaired children in the HI Resource

  • Small group work with their hearing and hearing impaired peers in the HI Resource - often referred to as 'reverse integration'

​The majority of support is given in the mainstream classroom.  HI Resource time is spent:

  • Reading books from the HI Resource's reading programme – Reading is given a high priority. 

  • Preparing for or consolidating class work, for example, working on vocabulary for a science lesson, support for class spellings or consolidation of a maths concept new to a child,

  • Working on intervention programmes designed to promote the development of a child's speech, language and communication skills,

  • Developing listening skills.

  • Targeting social and emotional literacy and developing the children's own 'Personal Understanding of Deafness' in small groups.

We have regular meetings in the Key Stage 2 base which are chaired and minuted by the children themselves. This is a great opportunity for the children to get together, share news and views, voice their opinions and practise turn taking in a large group.

​​We also run a range of clubs at lunchtimes to help the children support and develop friendships with their hearing and hearing impaired peers, which include friendship club, art club, animation club and a signing choir.

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