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eSafety: Searching the internet - Google

With Google's SafeSearch, you can help prevent content not suitable for children from appearing in search results. No filter is 100% accurate, but SafeSearch should help you avoid most of this type of material.

To turn SafeSearch on, go to and click the Settings option or go directly to In the SafeSearch filters section, turn on SafeSearch by checking the box beside Filter explicit results. When SafeSearch is on, explicit video and images will be filtered from Google Search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content. Please note that turning on SafeSearch will also enable Safety Mode in YouTube.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

To prevent others from changing your setting, you can click Lock SafeSearch when signed in to your Google Account. Learn more about locking SafeSearch. SafeSearch should remain set as long as cookies are enabled on your computer, although your SafeSearch settings may be reset if you delete your cookies.


Whilst no filter can replace a watchful eye. SafeSearch can serve as one of many tools and practices to help your family search the web more safely. For more pointers on keeping your family safe on the web, visit Google's Family Safety Center.

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